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Bootstrap to Big Time: Your SaaS and Shopify App Growth Blueprint


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Hey there, fellow entrepreneur. I'm Ruslan Leteyski, the founder of Checkout X, and I've been in the trenches of building a bootstrapped SaaS business. I turned a simple Shopify app into a powerhouse that serviced 6,000 active merchants and generated €600k in monthly recurring revenue, all while processing millions of transactions every year.

But let's cut to the chase. You're here because you want to scale, and not just by a little. You're after that exponential, jaw-dropping growth that turns your competitors green with envy. That's where I come in.

With my 'Bootstrap to Big Time' consultation, I'll give you the no-BS advice that got me through the highs and lows of startup life. We'll dive into the nitty-gritty of SaaS development, killer UX designs that convert, and how to create a Shopify app that not only stands out but outright dominates.

I've seen it all – the pitfalls, the sky-high successes, and the moments that test your mettle. And let me tell you, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of building something from the ground up and watching it take off. So, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make some magic happen? Because I sure am. Let's get started.


Stan Peev


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Just a short post of appreciation for Ruslan Leteyski. If you're looking to elevate your Shopify game and want a totally unbiased, no-BS advice, Ruslan is the go-to guy. He knows the inner workings of the Shopify ecosystem really well and his actionable feedback will surely make a difference for you, as it did for us @ Wizpop. πŸš€ I promise, a 45-minute session will save you a lot of head-banging.

Gagan Luthra

Boss apps

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Engaging in a consultation with Ruslan Leteyski was a truly enlightening experience. His exceptional ability to actively listen and provide straightforward advice left a lasting impression on me. What sets Ruslan apart is his remarkable knack for identifying the core issue at hand, bypassing superficial symptoms. I appreciate his genuine commitment to addressing the root cause, making the consultation not only valuable but also highly impactful. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruslan Leteyski for anyone seeking genuine insights and precise guidance.

Velizar Cekov

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I highly recommend Ruslan Leteyski to anyone who has decided to develop or scale their business. Thanks to his consultations and advice, we took our business to another level πŸš€ He appeared out of nowhere with his brilliant ideas and different perspective on things. And in just a few months, we achieved results that I thought would take us at least a year 🀯

Vilislav Slavev


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I strongly recommend everyone that is building something to have a conversation/consultation with Ruslan Leteyski πŸ›’ This is the type of working feedback that when applied could make a change. πŸš€

Irek Khasianov


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Had a great talk with Ruslan about growing my Shopify app! So many tips and discoveries. I’d recommend anyone who is building SaaS to book a call with Ruslan!

Mehdi Tam

Sweethelp App

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Just got a consulting call with @leteyski. 45 minutes of pure value. Recommended to anyone trying to grow a Shopify App πŸš€

Brett Radler


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It was great to chat with Ruslan Leteyski today about Shopify apps and his expertise in the ecosystem. If you haven’t subscribed to his blog/newsletter I highly encourage it. Ecom is always changing and it’s interesting to be the general store selling the shovels to the miners. Appreciate the conversation today and look forward to connecting in the future.

Preslav Nikov


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It was very insightful to chat with Ruslan Leteyski about building and growing Shopify apps, something we look forward to pursuing in 2024. Russ provided invaluable insights on transitioning from the agency mindset ( building thoroughly tested and polished solutions ) to the product-building mindset ( shipping the minimum required and seeing how the market reacts ). If you are in the Shopify Apps/ SAAS space and need a fresh perspective, I highly recommend Ruslan Leteyski.

Simeon Lukov

Dynamic Pricing AI

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Shout out to Ruslan Leteyski ,thank you for taking the time with our team today, your insight was a huge value add. You really opened my eyes that we were possibly targeting an entirely wrong market segment with in the Shopify Ecosystem for our Shopify App - Price Explorer AI. Thank you for your expertise and steering!

Linh Le

Indie dev

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Thanks @leteyski for the productive chat! I got practical advice on building SaaS apps in and outside of Shopify's app store that I couldn't find somewhere else. If you are looking into building or growing your SaaS, his experience would definitely help!

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